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August 22, 2009

“Star Wars” for Your Mind, Heart and Soul

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"Star Wars" for Your Mind, Heart and Soul: “

Link – by A. Abrams and Walyou

The original glamorous large-scale space adventure refuses to die

It’s time we wrote about Star Wars Craze again (see our coverage in Part 1 and Part 2).

Many utterly mind-boggling art pieces and original creations saw the light of day since our last round-up, and many devoted fans sent us great pieces of trivia and images that we simply can not ignore. Besides… the fundamental story of Good and Evil, questions of destiny and personal redemption remain strong in this ‘space opera’ franchise, even though they were significantly diluted recently by light-weight and cheesy offerings.

We’ll start with the poster that is not that well-known: 1978 Japanese dub version, featuring the Millennium Falcon in all its glory –

(image via)

The proto-dewback rider from 1975 science fiction magazine art by Ron Cobb. This was an inpiration for classic Star Wars lizards –

art by Ron Cobb, 1975, image via

Also don’t miss a pile of almost-lost (newly-discovered) original concept art by Ralph McQuarrie! This is for example, an unused promotional T-shirt design and a poster based on original McQuarrie concepts (see some more here)

(images via)

Star Wars Sketchbook is also worth seeking out, as it compiles early (mostly 1977) concepts for spaceships and vehicle designs, made by Joe Johnstone:

(image credit: Joe Johnstone)

Speaking about matte painting and concept art, absolutely gorgeous Star Wars panoramas (by Yanick Dusseault) can be found here… Simply mind-blowing! Click to see an example

Star Wars superimposed over scenes of Paris (work by Cedric Delsaux) gain something in atmosphere, see for yourself –

On artist site you can see the whole series (click past ‘next’ and ‘news’ and look for ‘The Dark Lens’ option):

(images credit: Cedric Delsaux)

This promotional series for Disney Star Wars Weekends really catches the eye – see more at this page.

(images via)

Gadgets, Goodies and Appliances

This section was compiled thanks to material from a neat little ‘Gadget News’ site – Walyou. Here is what they dug up recently:

‘Millennium Falcon’ PC case mod (made by Russ Caslis) –

(image credit: mods.xkill)

Darth Vader Toaster – more info – for Imperial morning ritual:

(image credit: Reghardware, right – fragment of work by Waihey)

Star Wars Matryoshka Dolls (made by Matt Brown) – more info:

(image credit: Matt Brown)

Check out Brothers Brick LEGO diorama masterpiece:

(image credit: Brothers Brick)

Boba Fett’s armor (full-size!) made out of LEGO:

(images via)

Star Wars + LEGO + chess = irresistible set:

(image credit: Anthony Scanzani)

Sophisticated Star Wars paper craft (with full schematics how to make it out of a sheet of paper) – see more here:

(image via)

Also read on Walyou about Star Wars Tauntaun Sleeping Bag and Darth Vader’s gas mask.

(images via)

(image credit: )

According to Newton’s Second Law of Motion: Force = Mass x Acceleration. The sign above was made by SoadyPopDesigns, order it here.

(originals unknown)

(image credit: Heave105)

(image via)

Jabba, the Early Years:

nice Photoshop job by Sebastian Niedlich

Star Wars as classic art – more here:

(images via)

Star Wars / Disney mashup, lovingly made by Thumper. Shown here is ‘Snow White and the Seven Stormtroopers’:

(image credit: http://thumper-001.deviantart.com/art/Snow-White-n-7-Stormtroopers-72009594)

George Lucas is stuck in a ‘writer’s block’ in carbonite –

(image credit: Bonnie Burton, Starwars.com)

The image above is from Star Wars Celebration Japan (30th anniversary of Star Wars, brought by Lucasfilm to Tokyo). There were other curiosities, for example, the chubby Trooper, and various ridiculously painted Vader helmets (part of the The Vader Project):

(images credit: Bonnie Burton, Starwars.com)

Star Wars Fire Hydrant:

(photo sent in by Alex Dreher, Teneriffe)

Some very Darth Vader-like helmet styles were used during the Iraq War in 2003 by the Fedayeen volunteers (the engraved text reads ‘Allah, Al Watan, the Ghatadz’ – Allah, Country, and Leader)

(image credit: J. Neil)

Demonstrators know how to intimidate police (this photo is from G20 Summit in London, 2009) –

(photo credit: Andy Rain, EPA)

(original unknown)

Two powerful images concerning Darth Vader – the one on the left is called ‘Dark Leia (Daddy’s Little Girl)’ and could’ve happened in some alternative universe. The picture on the right is even more emotionally powerful. It’s called ‘Grief’… clearly showing Anakin’s loss, tragically poor choices and ruined life spent in the lust for power.

Some material for this article was collected by Eran Abramson from Walyou, a neat site about various gadgets

Left: art by Miravi – Right: art by Joe Corroney and Brian Miller



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